Società Italiana Nutrizione Artificiale e metabolismo


26-27-28 ottobre 2023

NH Collection Roma Vittorio Veneto


Impact of last generation CFTR modulators on nutritional status of patients with cystic fibrosis (CF)

Lisa De Bellis

Prevalence of sarcopenia in patients with breast cancer and overweight and obesity. Preliminary results

Simona Bo

Prognostic role of visceral adipose tissue in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Amanda Casirati

Impact of Sarcopenia on Surgical Outcomes in Acute Diverticulitis: A Retrospective Study

Marco Cintoni

Could disease activity and protein intake affect serum amino acids concentration in adult patients with Crohn’s disease?

Iolanda Cioffi

Dysphagia, hyporexia and nutritional strategies in new diagnosis Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: the role of spinal/bulbar onset and age

Alessandro Collo

A novel model for predicting diabetes remission after bariatric surgery based on the measurement of C-peptide and creatinine in serum

Santo Colosimo

Metabolic syndrome: effectiveness of CBT applied to the group

Annalisa Mascheroni

CLINICAL NUTRITION and the AV (venous accesses) TEAM: integration as a lever for change in patient management in hospital and at home

Annalisa Mascheroni

Early-time restricted carbohydrate consumption versus conventional dieting in type 2 diabetes: a randomized controlled trial

Maria Chiara Masoni

Association between the new Quality of Life Questionnaire QLQ-CAX24 and Body Composition Parameters in Patients with Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer (LARC) Undergoing Radiotherapy: A Prospective Study

Marta Palombaro

The impact of Crohn’s disease exclusion diet on nutritional status of children with Crohn’s disease

Francesco Pellegrino

The Oveall Home Enteral Nutrition (OHEN) rational and aims

Sebastiano Percolla

Muscle quality and postoperative outcomes in patients undergoing cardiac surgery

Eleonora Poggiogalle

High frequency of TyG index in adult SBS patients weaned from parenteral nutrition

Anna Simona Sasdelli


Does presbygeusia really exist? An updated narrative review.

Simona Bo

Accuracy of resting energy expenditure (REE) in women with breast cancer

Iolanda Cioffi

Impact of “pills of movement" on nutritional and health status in non-professional runner

Emidio Scarpellini

Home Parenteral Nutrition and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: retrospective cohort study

Elena Agnello

Nutrition in head and neck cancer surgery: 20 years of enteral nutrition protocol

Marta Anrò

The gut microbiota in patients with Short Bowel Syndrome and chronic Intestinal Failure (SBS-IF)

Simona Bo

Prospective cohort study on the effectiveness of the Crohn's disease exclusion diet + partial enteral nutrition in induring and maintaining remission in adult patients with Crohn's disease

Alessia Chiarotto

Malnutrition and muscle loss in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: different prevalence and patterns in spinal and bulbar forms

Alessandro Collo

Nutritional support in cancer patients: new challenges in therapeutic setting

Francesco Cairone

Improved Glycemic Control in a Pregnant Woman with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) Utilizing Insulin Infusion and Carbohydrate Counting: A Clinical Case Report

Manuela Cimorelli

Relation between worsening of nutritional status and patients and treatment characteristics in high-nutritional-risk pediatric tumors.

Sabrina Corvasce

Nutritional management of patients with eating disorders in different care settings of CER DCA

Claudia Del Favero

Experience in customer satisfaction assessment of hospital catering at AOU San Luigi Gonzaga - Orbassano (TO)

Sara Diberti

The real-life use of the Crohn's disease exclusion diet (CDED) in adults with mild-to-moderate Crohn's disease activity: an interim analysis of an open-label randomized controlled trial

Elena Formisano

Lifestyle Counseling and Metabolic Assessment in Breast Cancer Patients

Patrizia Farina

Assessment and assistance for the highly catabolic patient in the ICU: a case report

Corinna Gandolfo

High prevalence of malnutrition in italian internal medicine wards: results from AMIDO Project

Paola Gnerre

Muscle strength, phase angle and body composition in patients with neuroendocrine tumors: a case for obesity paradox?

Maria Vittoria Ievolella

Taste alterations and nutritional status in patients undergoing chemotherapy with tyrosine-kinase inhibitors

Alessandro Misotti

A nutritional approach in pediatric patients with post-surgical short bowel syndrome

Nicoletta Monti Guarnieri

Different levels of treatment for obesity and binge eating disorders: Day Hospital versus outpatient treatment in 2 groups of patients of ASST Santi Paolo e Carlo Outpatient Nutrition Service

Paola Lanzi

The register of patients receiving Home Enteral Nutrition used at the healthcare company of Turin. Limits and prospects in the digital clinic era

Elisa Mazzetto

Nutritional support in oncologic patients: an observational study on 110 oncologic patients of the asst santi paolo e carlo outpatient nutrition service

Giulia Elisa Gemma Mulazzani

Eating and lifestyle habits among participants to the lung cancer Italian screening program

Giorgia Pasqualini

Nutritional status and handgrip strenght in cancer patients: experience at AOU San Luigi Gonzaga - Orbassano (TO)

Giorgia Pasqualini

Circulating Vitamin B12 as an Indicator of acute malnutrition and Liver dysfunction in Patients with Anorexia Nervosa: A Case Series

Valentina Pellegatta

The Use of the disposable gastroscope in the management of endoscopic gastrostomies (PEG) in home enteral nutrition

Sebastiano Percolla

Exploring the factors associated with sarcopenia phenotypes with Random Forest Machine Learning Analysis

Simone Perna

Multidisciplinary residential program for weight loss. Evaluation of body composition and metabolic markers with focus on sarcopenic obesity

Simone Perna

Hospital parenteral nutrition: the experience of the Centralized Tender of the Piedmont Region

Daniela Piccioni

The "protected discharge" project at Campoligure rehabilitation nursing home: telemedicine as a n implementation strategy to prevent the risk of malnutrition in elderlies

Elisa Proietti

The patient care process of nutrition and hydration in the elderly person

Marisa Sillano

Taking care of swallowing disorders in a territorial ASL

Marisa Sillano

Diet-prevention of sarcopenia and preservation of skeletal muscle mass in the elderly: preliminary data

Silvia Toniazzo