Società Italiana Nutrizione Artificiale e metabolismo


Advances in muscle health and nutrition: A toolkit for healthcare professionals

Carla M. Prado, Francesco Landi, Samuel T.H. Chew, Philip J. Atherton
Jeroen Molinger, Tobias Ruck, Maria Cristina Gonzalez
Clinical Nutrition 41 (2022) 2244-2263

ESPEN Micronutrient Guideline

Mette M.Bergera, Alan Shenkinb, Anna Schweinlin, Karin Amrein, Marc Augsburger, Hans-Konrad Biesalski, Stephan C. Bischoff, Michael P. Casaer, Kursat Gundogan, Hanna-Liis Lepp, Angélique Man, Giovanna Muscogiuri, Magdalena Pietka, Loris Pironi, Serge Rezzi, Cristina Cuerda
Clinical Nutrition 2022:41(6):1357-1424

Nutritional Support in Cancer patients: update of the Italian Intersociety Working Group practical recommendations

Riccardo Caccialanza, Paolo Cotogni, Emanuele Cereda, Paolo Bossi, Giuseppe Aprile, Paolo Delrio, Patrizia Gnagnarella, Annalisa Mascheroni, Taira Monge, Ettore Corradi, Michele Grieco, Sergio Riso, Francesco De Lorenzo, Francesca Traclò, Elisabetta Iannelli, Giordano Domenico Beretta, Michela Zanetti, Saverio Cinieri, Vittorina Zagonel, and Paolo Pedrazzoli, on behalf of the Intersociety (AIOM-SINPE-FAVO-SICO-ASAND) Italian Working Group for Nutritional Support in Cancer Patients
Journal of Cancer 2022(13): 2705-16

Body composition assessment and sarcopenia in patients with biliary tract cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Jun Watanabe, Ryota Matsui, Hideki Sasanuma, Yoichi Ishizaki, Tetsu Fukunaga, Kazuhiko Kotani, Naohiro Sata.
Clinical Nutrition 2022:41(2); 321-8

Improving growth of infants with congenital heart disease using a consensus-based nutritional pathway

Luise V.Marino, Mark J. Johnson, Natalie J. Daviesa Catherine, S. Kidda, Julie Fienberga, Trevor Richens, Tara Bharuch, R. Mark Beatti, Anne-Sophie E.Darlington
Clinical Nutrition 2020(39);2455-2462

Monitoring and parenteral administration of micronutrients, phosphate and magnesium in critically ill patients: The VITA-TRACE survey

Wouter Vankrunkelsven, Jan Gunst, Karin Amrein, Danielle E. Bear, Mette M.Berger, Kenneth B.Christopher, Valentin Fuhrmann, Michael Hiesmayr, Carole Ichai, Stephan M. Jakob, Sigismond Lasocki, Juan C. Montejo, Heleen M. Oudemans-van Straeten, Jean-Charles Preiser, Annika Reintam Blaser, Anne-Françoise Rousseau, Pierre Singer, Joel Starkop, Michael P. Casaer
Clinical Nutrition 2020, In press

Effect of whole-course nutrition management on patients with esophageal cancer undergoing concurrent chemoradiotherapy: A randomized control trial

Yanfang Qiu, Jie You,Kunlun Wang,Yuan Cao.Youchun Hu,Han Zhang, Rong Fu,Yafei Sun, Huanan Chen, Ling Yuan, Quanjun Lyu.
Nutrition 2020(69); 110558

Predictive value of pancreatic dose-volume metrics on sarcopenia rate in gastric cancer patients treated with adjuvant chemoradiotherapy

YiLi Wen-bo, Wang Huan-gang Jiang, Jing Dai, Ling Xia, Ji Chen, Cong-hua Xie, Jin Peng, Zheng-kai Liao, Yan Gao, Yun-feng Zhou, Fu-xiang Zhou
Clinical Nutrition 2019;38:1713-1720

Effects of a 6-month multi-strain probiotics supplementation in endotoxemic, inflammatory and cardiometabolic status of T2DM patients: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Shaun, Sabico, AyahAl-Mashharawi, Nasser M.Al-Daghri, Kaiser Wani, Osama E.Amer, Danish S. Hussain, Mohammed Ghouse Ahmed Ansari, Mohammad S. Masoud, Majed S. Alokail, Philip G. McTernan
Clinical Nutrition 2019;38:1561-1569

Marine omega-3 fatty acid supplementation in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Plasma proteomics in the randomized WELCOME* trial

Antigoni Manousopoulou, Eleonora Scorletti, Debbie E. Smith, Jie Teng, Miltiadis Fotopoulos, Theodoros I. Roumeliotis, Geraldine F. Clough, Philip C. Calder, Christopher D. Byrne, Spiros D. Garbis
Clinical Nutrition 2019;38:1952-1955

Probiotic food consumption is associated with lower severity and prevalence of depression: A nationwide cross-sectional study

Chong-Su Kim M.S., Dong-MiShin
Nutrition 2019;63-64:169-174

Dietary fatty acid intake in hemodialysis patients and associations with circulating fatty acid profiles: A cross-sectional study

Ban-Hock Khor, Sharmela Sahathevan, Ayesha Sualeheen, Mohammad Syafiq Md Ali, Sreelakshmi Sankara Narayanan, Karuthan Chinna, Abdul Halim Abdul Gafor, Bak-Leong Goh, Ghazali Ahmad, Zaki Morad, Zulfitri Azuan Mat Daud, Pramod Khosla, Kalyana Sundram, Tilakavati Karupaiah for PaTCH Investigators
Nutrition 2019;63-64:14-21

A comparison of two different software packages for the analysis of body composition using computed tomography images

Katie E Rollins, Amir Awwad, Ian A Macdonald, Dileep N. Lobo.
Nutrition 2019;92-96

Bioelectrical impedance analysis-derived phase angle at admission as a predictor of 90-day mortality in intensive care patients

Sandra N. Stapel, Wilhelmus G. P. M. Looijaard, Ingeborg M. Dekker, Armand R. J. Girbes, Peter J. M. Weijs, Heleen M Oudemans-van Straaten
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2018;72:1019–1025

Dietary changes needed to improve diet sustainability: are they similar across Europe

Qiong Gong, Peng Zhu, Binhao Zhang, Chang Shu, Zeyang Ding, Jingjing Wu, Bixiang Zhang, Xiao-ping Chen
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition2018;72:951–960

Safety and efficacy of n-3 fatty acid-based parenteral nutrition in patients with obstructive jaundice: a propensity-matched study

Qiong Gong, Peng Zhu, Binhao Zhang, Chang Shu, Zeyang Ding, Jingjing Wu, Bixiang Zhang, Xiao-ping Chen
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2018;72:1159–1166

Intravenous lipid emulsions and liver function in adult patients with chronic intestinal failure: Results from a randomized clinical trial

Stanislaw Klek, Kinga Szczepanek, Lucyna Scislo, Elzbieta Walewska, Magdalena Pietka, Magdalena Pisarska, Michal Pedziwiatr
Nutrition 2018; 55-56:45-50

Effects of a 6-month multi-strain probiotics supplementation in endotoxemic, inflammatory and cardiometabolic status of T2DM patients: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Shaun Sabico, AyahAl-Mashharawi, Nasser M.Al-Daghri, KaiserWani, Osama E.Amer, Danish S.Hussain, Mohammed GhouseAhmed Ansari, Mohammad S.Masoud, Majed S.Alokail, Philip G.McTernan.
Clinical Nutrition 2018; in press

Marine omega-3 fatty acid supplementation in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Plasma proteomics in the randomized WELCOME* trial

Antigoni Manousopoulou, EleonoraScorletti, Debbie E.Smith, JieTeng, MiltiadisFotopoulos, Theodoros I.Roumeliotis, Geraldine F.Clough, Philip C.Calder, Christopher D.Byrne, Spiros D.
Clinical Nutrition 2018, in press

Characterising the nutritional status of children with primary ciliary dyskinesia

L.V.Marino, A.Harris, C.Johnstone, A.Friend, C.Newell, E.A.Miles, J.S.Lucas, P.C.Calder, W.T.Walker
Clinical Nutrition 2018; in press

Indirect calorimetry in critically ill mechanically ventilated patients: Comparison of E-sCOVX with the deltatrac

Sandra N.Stapel, Peter J.M.Weijs, Armand R.J.Girbes, Heleen M.Oudemans-van Straaten
Clinical Nutrition 2018; in press

Impact of caloric intake in critically ill patients with, and without, refeeding syndrome: A retrospective study

Laura E. Olthof,  Kristine Koekkoek, Coralienvan Setten, Johannes C.N. Kars, Dickvan Blokland, Arthur R.H. van Zanten
Clinical Nutrition 2018;37(5):1609-1617

Enhanced referral prioritisation for acute adult dietetic services: A randomised control trial to test a web-based decision training tool

Priscilla Harries, Hulya Gokalp, Miranda Davies, Christopher Tomlinson, Mary Hickson
Clinical Nutrition 2018;37(5):1456-1461

Proposed standard model and consistent terminology for monitoring and outcome evaluation in different dietetic care settings: Results from the EU-sponsored IMPECD project

K. Vanherle, A.M. Werkman, E. Baete, A. Barkmeijer, A. Kolm, C. Gast, S. Ramminger, E. Höld, K. Kohlenberg-Müller, S. Ohlrich-Hahn, M.E. Walters, D. Wewerka-Kreimel, M. Adam, L.Valentini
Clinical Nutrition 2018;37(6A):2206-2216

Prediction of body composition in anorexia nervosa: Results from a retrospective study

Maurizio Marra, Rosa Sammarco, Emilia De Filippo, Annarita Caldara, Enza Speranza, Luca Scalfi, Franco Contaldo, Fabrizio Pasanisi
Clinical Nutrition 2018;37(5):1670-1674

Perioperative supplementation with a fruit and vegetable juice powder concentrate and postsurgical morbidity: A double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trial

Patricia Gorecki,Danielle L. Burke, Iain L.C. Chapple, Karla Hemming, Daniel Saund, David Pearson, Wilhelm Stahl, Ryan Lello, Thomas Dietrich
Clinical Nutrition 2018;37(5):1448-1455

Comparison of two low-fat diets, differing in protein and carbohydrate, on psychological wellbeing in adults with obesity and type 2 diabetes: a randomised clinical trial

Nerylee Ann Watsonail, Kathryn Ann Dyer, Jonathan David Buckley, Grant David Brinkworth, Alison Mary Coates, Gaynor Parfitt, Peter Ranald Charles Howe, Manny Noakes and Karen Joy Murphy
Nutrition Journal 2018;17:62

Intakes and sources of dietary sugars and their association with metabolic and inflammatory markers

Laura O'Connor, Fumiaki Imamura, Soren Brage, Simon J.Griffin, Nicholas J.Wareham, Nita G.Forouhi
Clinical Nutrition 2018;37(4):1313-1322

Collateral fattening in body composition autoregulation: its determinants and significance for obesity predisposition

Abdul G. Dulloo, Jennifer L. Miles-Chan, Yves Schutz
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 20018;72:657–664

Postprandial glucose and insulin response to a high-fiber muffin top containing resistant starch type 4 in healthy adults: a double-blind, randomized, controlled trial

Maria L.Stewart, j. Paul Zimmer
Nutrition 2018(53): 59-63

Effects of nutrition therapy on HbA1c and cardiovascular disease risk factors in overweight and obese patients with type 2 diabetes

Adham Mottalib, Veronica Salsberg, Barakatun-Nisak Mohd-Yusof, Wael Mohamed, Padraig Carolan, David M. Pober, Joanna Mitri and Osama Hamdy
Nutrition Journal 2018; 17:42

To fast, or not to fast before chemotherapy, that is the question

R Caccialanza, E Cereda, F De Lorenzo, G Farina, P Pedrazzoli and on behalf of the AIOM-SINPE-FAVO Working Group
BMC Cancer (2018) 18:337

Patients’ and professionals’ preferences in terms of the attributes of home enteral nutrition products in Spain. A discrete choice experiment

Gabriel Olveira, Miguel Ángel Martínez-Olmos, Belén Fernández de Bobadilla, Mercedes Ferrer, Nuria Virgili, Belén Vega, Mercedes Blanco, Miquel Layola, Luis Lizán, Irmina Gozalo
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2018;72:272–280

Evaluation of malnutrition development risk in hospitalized children

Omer F.Beser, Fugen Cullu Cokugras,Tulay Erkan, Tufan Kutlu, Rasit V.Yagci
Nutrition 2018; 48:40-47

Towards a standardized nutrition and dietetics terminology for clinical practice: An Austrian multicenter clinical documentation analysis based on the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)-Dietetics

Gabriele Gäbler, Michaela Coenen, Deborah Lycett, Tanja Stamm
Clinical Nutrition 2018, In press

Association of sarcopenic obesity predicted by anthropometric measurements and 24-y all-cause mortality in elderly men: The Kuakini Honolulu Heart Program

Kiyoshiv Sanada, Randi Chen, Bradley Willcox, Tomoyuki Ohara, Aida Wen, Cody Takenaka, Kamal Masak
Nutrition 2018(46): 97-102

Cost-effectiveness of oral nutritional supplements in older malnourished care home residents

Marinos Eliaa, Emma L. Parsonsa, Abbie L. Cawooda, Trevor R. Smithb, Rebecca J. Stratton
Clinical Nutrition 2018;37(2):651-658